I love to see where other people write (especially the very successful ones), so I thought I would share my ‘write space’.

I always imagine myself writing in a beautiful Victorian house with high ceilings and french doors that can be opened onto a lovely garden and that I am interrupted only take a gentle stroll or to talk to my editor.

In reality, I know I am extremely lucky to have an office at home, but it also doubles up as an education centre for my home-educated children and I am mostly interrupted by having to vacate the room when my dog’s wind becomes unbearable.

UPDATE: So, my lovely office is now the domain of my work-obsessed husband, who, due to working 16 hours+ a day in the living room was forcibly extracted and re-located in what was my office and the living room was restored to it’s former function. I now work at the dining table (or the kitchen, when the girls practising piano).

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