iCan Learn

This is the brand that I use for my education series of books and all my learning content to distinguish it from my creative writing and poetry. Listed below are all the books currently available in the iCan Learn series.

Get Started - Creative Writing Course

This is the first of my Creative Writing courses, it includes 12 weekly lessons each introducing a specific writing skills and techniques.  Each weekly lesson also includes examples and exercises for you to practice and develop these skills.

Keep Going - Creative Writing Course

This is the second in my series of Creative Writing courses, and the course follows the same 12 week structure but looks at more advanced concepts and skills and delves deeper into some of the some of the writing techniques we introduced in Get Started.

Teach your child to Read

This book explains how reading is taught in the UK and provides guidance and advice for parents to help them teach their own children to read, using lots of fun activities to nurture a love of learning.  Based on my own experiences as a home educating mother of 3 daughters.

Letter Detectives

An activity book to help children start to recognise their individual letters through active learning, by helping them to find and then ‘collect’ the letters they see around them.

Letter Detectives comes in three different colours (blue, green and dark pink), because as a mum, I know that young children love to have their favourite colour.

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