Flying from Nairobi to Dar Es Salaam,
Brought me to a wonderful Bird’s eye viewpoint.
Where; Radial and Folded Ice edges,
Open, Round Inner Crater’s ash pit,
And IceCrowned Crests,
Unveiled the beauty of Mountain Kilimanjaro.
I have never been this Lucky Before,
And I have just seen this much snow.

In the middle of that glance,
I almost asked my pilot to stop for a while;
A Sparkling Icecape higher than some Clouds,
Slowly moving glacier River, a steep Icewall,
And brown braided Valleys along Mountain’s slopes,
Unveiled the Uniqueness of Mountain Kilimanjaro.
Again, I have never been this lucky before,
And I have just seen this much snow.

Poem by James K. Mbazi

Note from James K. Mbazi. This Poem is a result of an Inspirational tweet from former Tanzanian President Hon.Dr. JM Kikwete. In a statement where he described how excited he was, to have a glance which he then called Bird’s Eye View of the Mountain Kilimanjaro . So it hooked me and in few weeks later I worked on it and here is the poem.

Copyright@ James K. Mbazi 2020

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