Before becoming an indie-author, I had little appreciation of the challenges involved in getting your work published, but with technology moving so fast, it has become easier than ever to publish your own books – although it can still be a bit of a mine-field for the inexperienced.

Fortunately, in my previous life I was a bit of a techie, and spent many years as an IT Trainer; teaching essential and advanced skills across the full suite of Microsoft Office and various other software packages – particularly desktop publishing tools and some photo editing suites.

Even with my background, I found it a challenge to navigate the huge quantity of apps, restrictions, formatting rules and other idiosyncrasies that are part of publishing your own book.

As a result, I now spend a fair amount of my time assisting other authors in getting their work published and helping them to avoid many of the pitfalls, traps and erroneous costs that catch out the unsuspecting.

I now regularly run Self-Publishing workshops, where I share my knowledge and experience (and mistakes), often working with authors – coaching them and mentoring them through the self-

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